Thoughts and Quotes...

There is beauty about a deep and serene river.
It looks so tranquil and quiet. 
No one sees the dangerous undercurrents below. 
But observe very closely  the surface, the river has a warning.  
Until innocence is lost, no one will really know.


NFM news here.

Greg and Jenny Norris, independent missionaries with Norris Family Missions. We are a missionary family of six originally from Redmond, Oregon.

In light of recent events, The Norris family will not be continuing our ministry at this time. As life changes, again so have our plans and our path. We will not be reuniting with Jenny in El Paso. I am initiating the long term dissolution for our ministry. I am not sure for what duration. We are unclear of the path God is guiding. We are in need of constant prayer for our family and the decisions that need to be made for our family at this time. Thank you for your faithful support over the years and we will no longer be able to receive financial support for Norris Family Missions.In His service,Greg Norris

Please pray with us, in the rebuilding of our family that the Lord will use these events to build our character and make our family unit whole and strong enough to withstand future attacks by the deceiver here in this world.

Teaching, training and caring for women and their families using evidence based practices in maternal health. We want to reflect the light of Christ to empower those who want to make a difference in their communities and around the world.